Roof Spraying

Roof/Driveway Restoration

Our Restoring Services

Revamp Restoration offers a broad range of repairing services for Its dedicated customers. Whether the issue is of small or large scale, we take you in full confidence so that you have your problem solved as soon as possible.

Procedure We Follow

We train our staff with the procedures that are safe and reliable. We train them to assess the problem first before thinking of the solution. We follow the following procedure:


Our dedicated staff first conducts inspection to find the root of the problem first. Then, further action is taken to resolve the issue. Thorough inspection reduces the future dangers that may arise again, if the root cause of the issue is not properly removed.

Resolving the Issue

Depending on the nature of the problem, necessary action is taken afterwards to completely resolve the issue. We encourage our staff to ensure safety while doing all this procedure, as we value the safety factor.

Gutter Repair

Whether it is an issue of sagging, standing water or cracks in your gutter system, we have you covered. All these issues tend to make the property look untidy. To make the gutter system working again, our professionals use tools and methods that can make all the improvements.

Tile Repair

To make your tiles have sound structure, acquire our tile repairing services. We deal with all types of tile issues. If your tile is loose or cracked and needs repairing, we have just the right solution to make improvements.

Roof Spraying

Roof Spraying and Painting

Our Spraying Services

The services we offer are not confined to any particular type of building. We cover houses, shops, and even condos. Revamp Restoration aims at delivering the finest spraying services to you at affordable prices for your satisfaction. We value your satisfaction.

Spraying Services for Residential

Whether it is your small house or a large one, we will provide you quality spraying services to increase the visual appeal of the interior and exterior of your house. We will replace old and shady looking paint on your house with the new and bright one.

Spraying Services for Commercial

Spraying at the commercial level demands a bit different and more professional look. No business would want their walls and ceilings look darker and less appealing. We are experienced to serve large organizations over the years and we are always ready to serve your commercial needs as well.

Roof Painting

The roof comes in the exterior of the house, and we provide roof painting services for all kinds of houses. We have paints that are durable and can withstand extreme weather.

Driveway Spraying

If you want the driveway to have a protective coating to prevent deterioration, then acquire our driveway spraying services and keep the driveway protected.


Welcome To Revamp Restoration


Revamp Restoration is a service provider offering a wide range of services that can cater all of your needs. Whether you are looking for the quality spraying, restoration or protection services, we have just the right solutions for you.

Our services are robust by all measures. We are committed to providing our best at the reasonable prices. Our professional hold years of experiences in their respective fields and can deliver to meet your expectations. We hold good reputation in the market for our provided services.

                                        What we are Expert at

Our services are not confined to only one dimension. We offer spraying services, restoration services and protection services, each handled by professional hands.  

Our experts will first assess the working site and will discuss the working details with you. Once all this is done, our professionals will start the work. We carry our regular inspections to ensure that all the work is going smoothly.

A well-maintained property holds a very good value. We will help you in raising the value of your property by delivering quality services.

Revamp Restoration are the trusted specialists who will give your property a new lease of life

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