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Roof coating

Coating your roof is a fantastic way of safeguarding your investment. The chemistry of the coating is not the same for all surfaces and Revamp Restoration can identify and provide the correct coating for your roof and building requirements to ensure your investment is protected.

  • Helps Protect the roof against nature’s elements
  • Protective coat to reflect the harsh sun
  • Additional Protection

Our Spraying Services

The services we offer are not confined to any particular type of building. We cover houses, shops, and even commercial premises. Revamp Restoration aims at delivering the finest spraying services to you at affordable prices for your satisfaction. We value your satisfaction.

Spraying Services for Residential

Whether it is your small house or a large one, we will provide you quality spraying services to increase the visual appeal of the interior and exterior of your house. We will replace old and shady looking paint on your house with the new and bright one.

Spraying Services for Commercial

Spraying at the commercial level demands a bit different and more professional look. No business would want their walls and ceilings look darker and less appealing. We are experienced to serve large organizations over the years and we are always ready to serve your commercial needs as well.

Roof Painting

The roof comes in the exterior of the house, and we provide roof painting services for all kinds of houses. We have paints that are durable and can withstand extreme weather.



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